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Nuance Enterprise Analyst Day

Thank you for your interest in the Nuance Enterprise Analyst Day on June 16th.

Below you will find additional information about the Private Disclosure Breakout Sessions.

Please select the order in which you would like to navigate through the sessions via the drop down menus below. We will do our best to accommodate your request.

Steve Chambers, Chief Marketing Officer
An Experience (Я)evolution: Demystifying Customer Experience in the Contact Center
Steve will talk about Nuance Enterprise’s vision for the contact center of the future and why customer experience must become an essential focus of contact center operations.

Vlad Sejnoha, Chief Technology Officer
An Intuitive (Я)evolution: Knowing Customers’ Intent Through Natural Language Understanding
Vlad will talk about the how the adoption of speech will drive the acceptance in the contact center, across various channels, like mobile and the impact Natural Language Understanding (NLU) is making on the acceptance of speech.

Dan Faulkner, Vice President of Product Management & Marketing
A Multi-Channel (Я)evolution: Bringing Personalized Care to Customers
Dan will discuss how Nuance will deliver self-service solutions that understand, manage, and improve customer conversations through personalized interactions that are driven by real-time insights across multiple channels.

Gary Clayton, Chief Creative Officer
A Customer (Я)evolution: Priming a New Customer Experience through Nuance Mobile
Gary will talk about how consumers are becoming more amenable to speech technologies in the contact center setting, given their experiences with consumer products like Dragon (desktop & mobile) in the automobile – driving acceptance of speech in the “mobile living room”, across tablets, and across the Enterprise.

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